Privacy Policy

Please be advised that the internet website collects and processes your personal data that helps us to understand to what extent this website is instrumental to our activities, and in what way it could be improved in the future in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

In the present Privacy Policy you will find complete information on what kind of data we collect, for what purpose we use them and who may have access to such data.

In the present Policy you may also learn about your rights related to your privacy, and how you can exercise them.

We highly recommend you to take time and read the Policy.

Your data controller

Your personal data controller is SIA ”Mantinga Latvia”, address: Riga, Maskavas street 322-3, LV-1063, tel. +37129894572, e-mail:

You can contact our person responsible for data security at e-mail:

What data do we collect and for what purpose do we use them?


We process the following data in order to process an application for the admission of new members: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address, personal code (in accordance with Section 28 (2) of the Latvian Law on Associations and Foundations), professional activity data, other data in the application, which are optionally provided by the person at his / her own initiative.

Internet website visiting statistics

With a view to improving our internet website and developing our operations, we collect various data of our visitors. For us it is important which information is interesting to the website visitors, how often they log-in, which browsers and devices they use, which content they read most often, and their regions of origin. Thus, for the purposes referred to above we collect similar geographic and statistical data. We process the data for a legitimate interest to better understand the needs of our clients, their preferences, in order to be able to properly expand and develop our activities.

We collect that information using Google Analytics tool that enables us to record and analyse the data concerned.

If you prefer, here you can find more information on how Google Analytics operate, and what information the tool collects and analyses –

You can deactivate your personal data collecting function ‘Google Analytics’ as defined below:

What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are placed in your device by websites that you visit. That is a practice exercised by most websites. The saved cookies allow a website to remember your actions and the selected settings (e.g. language, font size) for some time. That ensures a more convenient usage of the website because you do not need to enter your settings every time you visit the website or when browsing its individual pages.

What kind of and why do we use cookies?

The cookies used in our website allow us to monitor the website traffic and the actions of the visitors in the website – the cookies were installed for the analysis of the visitors, and seeking to improve the experience of visiting the website. Those cookies are installed and used by Google Analytics tool.

Our website also uses cookies installed by third parties (Facebook) that creates a direct link to Facebook. More information about the cookies installed by Facebook can be found here:

Cookies are installed in your device only after you provide your consent, except the cookies required exclusively for ensuring the technical operator of the websites. Where you have not given your consent, some functions of the website may be entirely or partly non-operational.

We use the cookies for the purpose of seeking our legitimate interest to ensure a proper operation of the internet website, or on the basis of your consent.

The list of cookies used on the webpage is provided below:

Cookie name Owner Cookie type Validity period Purpose of processing of data
_gid analytics 24 h Registers the unique ID number used to generate statistical data on the visitors’ website browsing behaviour. Used by the Google Analytics tool.
_gat sessions 10 min Cookie used to restrict number of inquiries used by the traffic analysis tool Google Analytics
_ga analytics 2 h Registers the unique ID number used to generate statistical data on the visitors’ website browsing behaviour. Used by the Google Analytics tool.

The list of tags used on the webpage is provided below:

Source URL Owner Type Validity period WWW.GOOGLE-ANALYTICS.COM Script 24 h WWW.GOOGLE-ANALYTICS.COM Script 24 h

How to manage cookies?

You may at any time delete all the cookies saved in your device; furthermore, in many browsers it is possible to disable cookies. You may learn more about your online choices here:

However, when you delete cookies, some of the features of the site may become partially or completely inoperative, so you may have to select your computer settings anew.

Your questions and comments

You may ask questions or write your comments in dedicated places of the website. We process your comment data with a view to producing answers to your questions or responding to expressed opinions. The key purpose of processing the data is our legitimate interest to ensure the proper quality of the services we provide.

During the inquiry, the following personal data will be collected: ID, name, e-mail address, telephone number and information provided in your comment/inquiry.

Who may have access to your data?

The authorisation to access your data is provided to our employees working at IT divisions that are responsible for the analysis of the data and the improvement of the website, as well the employees performing the functions related to ensuring the website’s operation.

Furthermore, the access to the data may be granted to or such data may be obtained by our partners, that provide the website content management tools and the website hosting services, and marketing services. Please note that such subjects may view and manage your data only to the extent necessary to provide the acquired services.

Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc. operating in the USA. Facebook cookies are installed by Facebook Inc. operating in the USA. Both Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. are obliged to apply the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Principles, which ensure that the service provider conforms to the requirements of the EU privacy standards. These providers are also under the contractual obligation to ensure privacy. More information available here:


If you have a Facebook account and Like or Follow our pages, you will be able to post comments or like our posts. If you leave comments or Like the content we post, this information will be visible not only to us but also to other social network users. The scope of your personal data visible to others depends on your individual privacy settings and your activity, i.e. volume of data posted by you.

For how long do we retain your data?

We use the collected data for the purpose of analysis and retain them for three years.

Cookies are generally short-lived, but in some cases they may remain valid for up to two years, unless you delete them earlier.

The information contained in your inquiries is processed for as long as we resolve your inquiry. The opinion expressed in your comments is kept until we assess your views, but not for longer than one year.

When you participate in our contests on Facebook, we will be processing your data until the date announced in the contest rules; the winner’s data will be processed until we clarify the prize redemption details.

Data processing on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts

We use the features offered by the social networks Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for performance and development of our activities: we created fan pages operating in our name, where we announce the news related to our products and contests with various prizes.

During the performance of the said marketing activities on the fan pages, we process your certain personal data. This includes different filter and other options settings on our fan page. The said options ensure that our information reaches the persons who, in our opinion, could be interested in purchasing the products we offer. This process is referred to as marketing and is carried out on the basis of our lawful interest to develop our activities.

We also organise different contests on our Facebook fan page. If you decide to participate in the said contests, for the purposes of organisation of the contest, we will process your username published on Facebook, and in the event of winning, also your contact data (telephone and address), which are necessary seeking to fulfil our obligations towards your being the contest winner (prize redemption).

In the aforementioned pages, we are also able to view the summarised data of the page visits statistics. We are able to view and evaluate these data, however, we do not use them of any other purposes. These data are generated by the social networks according to the cookies installed. Please note that installation of these cookies is not our initiative, therefore, we are not able to control them. We recommend reading more about the personal data processing on the said social networks in the privacy policy of these networks available at:

Facebook privacy policy:

Facebook cookies policy:

LinkedIn privacy policy:

Your rights and how you can exercise them

With respect to your data being processed you have a right to access your personal data, request that your personal data are rectified, request that your personal data are deleted, withdraw your consent regarding the use of cookies by deleting the cookies or disabling them through the settings of your browsers, or by clicking here:

You also have a right to request that restrictions are applied to processing of your personal data, or object to the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interest, however, the rights may remain unrealised where a specific situation does not meet all the mandatory conditions. In that case we will inform you about the reasons of the failure to realise your rights.

You may exercise your rights by contacting us at e-mail:

The right to file a complaint

If you believe that your personal data are processed inadequately, or that your right to privacy has been infringed, you may file a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate, address: Blaumana Street 11/13-11, Riga, LV-1011, tel. 67223131, fax. 67223556, e-mail: